Technical innovation in agriculture is of extreme importance to address global challenges such as population growth, climate change & the limited availability of important plant nutrients. Recent trend to move away from heavy use of chemicals has boosted use of organic products, however their quality & efficiency remains a bottle neck. Modern technologies like Nanobiotechnology, Bioactives & biotsimulants etc could play a fundamental role to reduce the amount of chemicals used & released into the environment. Large scale production, economic viability & ease in usage have hindered implementation of these by farmers, especially from developing nations like India. A cheaper, easier to use environmentally safe alternative would prove to be a game changer for the agriculture, horticulture, floriculture sectors in India.

We @ BioPrime AgriSolutions Pvt Ltd have developed a consortium of nano-bioactives that activate & regulate an arsenal of chemicals, regulators & mechanisms in plants that promote growth, health & defense against biotic/abiotic adversities that manifest as 40-70% increase in yield. This patented consortium of nano particles and bioactives is 100% natural with no residual effect & reduces water, insecticide, pesticide & fertilizer need. These regulators are needed in nano-quantities and can be integrated into current irrigation practices irrespective of farmland size.